Describing My Photography

Recently, I asked people in an unscientific, but highly wonderful, survey on my personal Facebook profile, to share the first words that came to their minds when they thought of my photographs. I wanted some outside perspective on my work in order to improve how and where I market it. I decided that a Wordle was just the right way to remember all the descriptions of my work.

I couldn’t have been more humbled or proud (to be honest) of the feedback that I received. I think “dreamy” and “inspiring” are fine adjectives and I have used them for a long time to describe my images. I love that I now have the ability to go farther in my descriptions, I love golden and calming and natural and love.
I asked my son the same question, let me just say, if I was swooning over my friends’ descriptions, well I am out of adjectives to describe the Noodle’s answer.
I find myself very often focused on what I do not yet know about being a photographer or a creative entrepreneur and all that running my own business requires of me. I struggle with the elusive balance and I find myself working too many hours and yet it is never enough, or so it seems. This is why it is so good for me to stop and check in like this. It’s kind of an unintended, unofficial, internal/external performance review, except not from a boss, but from the heart. 
And to be true, I would give myself a raise right about now, if I could, based on all the evidence.;) - How lovely, Jess! Your son sounds like a really deep thinker and wonderful kid. You should frame that and put it in your studio space!November 6, 2012 – 8:06 pm

Samantha Brown - Yeah, really very nice feedback from your son. Even it is far more better than appreciation, which you got from your friends. This piece of paper is reflecting true feelings and emotions of a child and is really very precious.April 3, 2013 – 10:43 am

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