As Usual, No Response from Chris Benz, et al.

Since I went public with my story of corporate copyright infringement by Chris Benz, Lancôme and Saks Fifth Avenue last week, I have gotten absolutely no response from any of them.

Do you think they should get away with ignoring me like this?
You can let them know what you think on Facebook:
Chris Benz,  9,100+ likes
Lancôme US, 3.3M+ likes
Saks Fifth Avenue, 383,000+ likes
Please note that Mr. Benz has turned off the “posts by others” functionality on his page since my story came out. Many people have left comments on the November 12th post that appears on his wall. Please add to the conversation.  Please tag Sweet Eventide so I can share.
You can also let them know what you think on Twitter: 
Chris Benz,  113,000+ followers
Lancôme, 137,000+ followers
Saks, 133,000+ followers
Please use the hashtag #justice4jess so the tweets can be retweeted. 
I know the fashion world has moved on to a new season, I would love to move forward also. This is my business, not a hobby. I deserve to be paid for my work. Independent artists deserve respect from corporations for their intellectual property. 
If you would like to cover my story, I am available via email at sweet.eventide at yahoo.

Jamie - Umm…this is crazy! I went back and read all your posts related to this and clicked on many of the links. I felt violated for you and I pretty much take pictures of my lunch and Cheez-its.

Boo. You are such a talented photographer – it’s unfortunate that this talent is not being acknowledged by the players involved.November 28, 2012 – 4:49 am

James Tyler - I’ve read all the posts and am trying to totally understand it all, but it seems a bit incomplete. Are you claiming he used your whole photograph? Do you have a copyright registration? Did you ever call up and speak to him yourself or did you just get a lawyer? In your post, you asked him to “get in touch with my lawyers” but wouldn’t you be better off dealing with this yourself? I know in the past when I had a similar concern and issue, I called up the person and sorted it out, and actually ended up doing work with the other person. I read all your posts and it seems all you keep asking for and wanting is “MONEY” – you even have started asking for money which you have labeled as “Donations”

Something just does not seem right. Just saying.December 2, 2012 – 4:03 pm

Erin - James Tyler, do you really think a major fashion designer is going to sit down & chat with her?

What is incomplete about it?
December 4, 2012 – 6:31 pm

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